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    Welcome to Golden Tiger Kung Fu & Extended Learning Academy. Kung Fu also known as Wushu, originated in China over 4,000 years ago. Taolu Wushu is the form we teach and is a National Sport in China and is the form of Kung Fu recognized by the General Association of International Sports Federation. Taolu is a no-contact, performance-based form that is focused on mastering traditional forms and weapons. 

    Our training helps students build confidence, learn self-discipline, self-improvement, and mental focus. We offer more than just martial arts for a full mind-body balance. Our approach to learning incorporates physical fitness with academic learning. Our academic courses include Language arts, Math, coding classes with Scratch, Java, Python, Minecraft, and more. 

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Our extended learning courses are offered to supplement your child’s school curriculum, bridge learning gaps, and boost their confidence in the classroom.

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I dedicated my life to the art of Kung Fu, winning 7 National competitions in China. I want to share my experience and knowledge with you!

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2021 International Taiji-Kungfu Online Tournament

Congratulations to all our participants. What an outstanding performance you all gave. 


Lessons are available online and in-person once again. Students of all levels accepted.


Schedule a performance for your organizations event or holiday party. Private group lessons and demonstrations available. Contact us for details.