Kung Fu lessons


Kung Fu is a collective term for the martial arts that originated in China. The practice of Kung Fu not only develops a strong and healthy body, but it also strengthens the mind with high moral values, as its practice focuses on “Wu De”, or martial ethics. More recently, Kung Fu has developed into a globally competitive sport and it is gaining popularity worldwide due to its unique and exciting content.

All Levels


We currently offer lessons for all levels in our studio, located at 4469 Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508. Full-time lessons are one hour twice a week. Class sizes are kept small to give all our students the best possible experience. Students will learn basic techniques and forms, such as; Palm, Fist, and Hook Forms. As students advance they will train in various weaponry including; straight sword, broad sword, staff, and spear to name a few. Advancement testing is available all the way through Black Belt.

The Studio

With a wall of mirrors that allows you to see what you’re doing at all times, our studio design allows you to train efficiently!

Students posing with their medals

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Belt Promotions

Regular belt promotion tests are held for students ready to advance to the next belt. Each belt requires mastery of specific forms and weaponry.

Training Gear

All training weapons come in various sizes, with the exception of the bamboo fan. Please speak to Shifu Mei for advice on choosing your correct size before ordering any training gear.

Straight sword

Broad sword



Bamboo fan

mat shoes